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Cinema Sofa Seating Reveiw


A big thanks to Blogger Marcofq360 who wrote The following about our cinema seating sofas and let the cinema corner groups.

Click here -> Leather Cinema Sofa Seating Guide To see it.
“A Guide To Cinema Seating And Sofas

Many fabulous and contemporary homes nowadays have a Home Cinema Room or Theatre.

Some spend tens of thousands some a more modest amount, in this guide we look at great ways to do both. The first consideration should be:- “how much space do I have”. Modular options are a great way to build a cinema seating group to the available space.

Furnimax Cinema sofa specialists are the best place I have found to buy a Cinema seating modular or corner sofa group. Currently the highest priced models are a couple of ranges made exclusively for Furnimax by Natuzzi . The two models are Teatro (Italian for theatre) and a recently released model Encore.
Teatro sets can be achieved at a relitively low price and feature a family proof Italian genuine leather, all reclining power seating, contemporary styling, high back comfort and straight or wedge joining arms with drinks holders and storage. This means you can configure a crescent straight or slightly curved cinema seating set.
Power reclining controls are on the outer arm or discretely located down the seat edge on mid seats. Dimensions wise a three seater set with two joining arms, (Curve) would require a space around 3.4 meters across. This set would be priced at around £2400 which I would say is a low price deal.

In this article we are going to deal mainly with leather options, if you like the suade fabric style I find Harvey’s have some of these cheap sets but remember one spill and its stained. Oh and avoid bonded leather like a dose as you are saving nothing it just crackes and de laminates in no time.
Anyway back to Leather and oh my how. The Encore is Furnimax newest Premium model and is a Natuzzi Editions Branded Cinema Seating Sofa Model.

Being part of the Natuzzi Editions Range means it can be ordered in any colour, or leather with a few months wait. In stock Furnimax carries Black Premium Italian Leather for immediate delivery. Furnimax are located in Accrington Lancashire however if you are further south it’s also in stock at Sofa Utopia Midlands Natuzzi Editions Midlands Store Sofa Utopia on Victoria Road, Fenton, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire in the Midlands.
The Natuzzi Editions Encore features a sumptuous Italian soft leather that is protected. The sofa features a pull up headrests design for high back comfort and low back cool contemporary styling. As the Teatro all seats have power recliner when configured as a theatre seating sofa set, with controls again on the outer arms or down the seat edge, this time with body heat sensor function. Differently to the Teatro Cinema Sofa.

The Natuzzi Editions encore can be configured as a Cinema Seating Corner Sofa Group. Adding a corner sectional module transforms the Encore into Cinema Corner and fixed (non reclining) mid seats are available for this application. 

Price example for the Leather In Stock Encore is three seater Cinema row seating configuration with two joining arms at £2999 or four seats with 3 joining arms at £3799. You can add more and they have stocks.
Next we look at a new smaller 4 seater curve by La-Z-boy. First some exciting news. Historically Lazy Boy did make some great Cinema seating modular Theatre sofa groups sadly discontinued a few years ago. Speaking to the owner of Furnimax I can reveal in this blog exclusively that Furnimax is close to a deal with Lazy Boy for a new model. This was an off the record conversation but I’m sure he will forgive me being as i review designer sofa brands and they usually have the best deals on Natuzzi’s, Lazy Boy, Estro, New Trend etc and I blog about them, so here’s what was said.

“I’ll send you a pic of this sample I just sat on. You won’t believe it is a La-Z-Boy we are talking the coolest sleekest most contemporary design in Cinema Seating Sofas I have ever seen. We are talking Power Up headrests shaped slim stylish arms, curve wedge joining arms with table front in wenge wood rather than cup holders and really nice Club 55 protected leather. I think price wise similar to the Natuzzi Editions Encore and it will give it a definite run for its money. Still pinching myself it’s a Lazy Boy rather than Natuzzi”.

Exciting news indeed, and for now we can look at a new model the Power reclining curve by La-Z-Boy.

This is not exclusively a Cinema Sofa but as a curve with four seats and recliners at each end its one of the best solutions for a smaller cinema room I have seen. In stock at La-Z-Boy Midlands Gallery at Sofa Utopia and La-Z-Boy Factory Outlet Furnimax in Lancashire. Super comfort and a high back best finished in Eclipse 55 thick New Club protected fabulous leather.
Finally a low priced solution and great for a tiny or large Home Cinema Room. Furnimax has a 3+2 anthracite grey reclining cinema sofas with the two seater featuring a drinks holder and storage joining arm, manual recliners, soft feel durable Lethex Air new technology air backed fabric with leather appearance the entire set at £899. Priced individual the sofas are £499 now take two of the two seaters this is a popular configuration when access is from the rear like in the pictures or cinema often.
(Also Nashville has cinema style arms)
For under a grand BARGAIN and often it’s a room you would only use occasionally. By the way they are well made and very comfortable only being such a low price I’m told as a cancelled consignment as they should have been black. Er… Is it me or is anthracite grey one of the most fashionable colours at the moment. Like BONUS…”
The reviews also has some great pictures for you to see.

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