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Dispelling the myths about Natuzzi Sofas. Where are they made ?

A modern day trend for Internet dirty tricks has unfortunately entered the corporate arena in more recent times. With blog posts and comment areas on well ranking websites like press publications, it is now so easy to just blast dis-information all over the place in a very easy and short space of time, affecting consumer confidence and causing loss of turnover. This type of tactic often adopted by rival companies ultimately damages the whole industry and in Ley-mans terms will bite them on the backside also. 

At Furnimax sofa megastore outlet we pride ourselves in being able to supply our customers with 100% reliable and concise information.
With this in mind we sent our representative to all the Natuzzi factories involved in producing Natuzzi Editions Sofas for the uk market. Visiting first the design centre  in beautiful Santeramo suthern Italy and original base and corporate headquarters for the company one gets a real sense of how important this range of sofas is to the company.


Browsing the numerous sites and corporate showrooms within the complex you can realise how ahead of the game this company really is in terms of designer style. Natuzzi is without doubt the innovator in this field and well copied by the rest of the industry.

The Natuzzi Editions range has its own site showcasing not only the sofas and furniture but also the gallery formats available to retailers within Europe.

After the factory tour, a meeting with the top execs and new production manager was highly informative.  New seat interiors  and foam introduced for 2015 were demonstrated. 

A treat and highlight was to once again bump into premier and CEO Pasquale Natuzzi.

Constant focus is given not only to style, function and form but also to quality value and longevity.

Production areas are a feat of organisation and staff co-operation in motion, providing many jobs for the Italian local economy directly and indirectly.
One gets a real sense of clean European efficiency.
After leaving lovely Italy and already missing the taste of fresh mozzerella, we take a flight to Eastern Europe and exciting Romania.
Once there its easy to forget we even left Italy with most of this factories management being Italian. Under there guardianship this plant also gives a well organised and efficient vibe. Here Natuzzi produces some of the more classic and simple models non reclining The Romanians working in this plant seemed very motivated and a definate pride was placed on their  craftsman quality frame construction and upholstery . Easy access to high quality materials in addition to motivated and economical labour makes this area a logical production choice.
Speaking to Romanian workers revealed that Natuzzi offers the best pay and conditions in the area so staff really value the opportunity and work with motivation and pride.
At the Natuzzi factory outlet and uk’s largest selection stockist Furnimax,  we hear ” are they made in China” on a weekly basis, hopefully Google and Bing will kindly rank this article to answer this question once and for all.


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